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At Neumáticos Alhaurín we are specialists in hot and cold tire repair. We also carry out tire mounting and dismounting works as well as tire balancing and alignment. These are delicate tasks that must be entrusted to specially trained and equipped experts. In our workshop we take care of your tires in Malaga and surroundings. Contact us for a professional and reliable service.








Tires can suffer many failures, generally caused by wear and tear due to the passage of time and constant use. Wheel wear is inevitable, but, depending on the vehicle and the type of driving, it will be more or less pronounced. Other common problems that tires can have are those caused by external factors, such as large impacts, which can occur, for example, when overcoming an obstacle at high speed. These factors also include punctures or damage caused by improper mounting.

There are two ways of repairing a tire, cold or hot, also known as vulcanized repair. Cold repairs are currently the most commonly used due to the quality of these products. These repairs involve less aggression to the rubber as no heat is applied. They are used for both inner tubes and tires, for small or major repairs.

Hot repairs or vulcanized repairs are those that do require constant temperature and pressure to bind the molecules of the repair agent and the tire. The reactant is a black solution and the bonding rubber, placed in the reinforcement area, integrates it as if it were the same as the one manufactured. This type of repair is used for more serious damage. In Neumáticos Alhaurín we can perform this type of repair for major damage and for the sidewalls of the tires. They are less used than the cold ones because of their preparation and complexity as well as knowledge in their finishing.


Our tire mounting techniques are based on the latest manufacturers’ recommendations. So when fitting them on your vehicle we strive to ensure that all systems are perfectly calibrated. This way you can enjoy them for as long as possible, and we avoid problems of any kind.

In this sense, by combining our good services with the quality of the product,at Neumáticos Alhaurín you will find the best tires in Málaga. No one can offer you the price-quality relationship with which we work, so visit us and update your tires.


The alignment of tires consists of restoring their geometric configuration, adjusting the steering mechanism and suspension elements according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The objective is to align the tires so that they are parallel to the asphalt and rest correctly on the asphalt, thus avoiding irregular and faster tire wear.

Why do I need to align my tires?

Your car tires alignment can become misaligned if the wheels are struck, for example, when stepping off a curb or steeply over a pothole.

How often should it be done?

Tire alignment is recommended at the slightest sign of irregular wear, i.e. if you notice that one part of the tread (the inner or outer) is more worn than the other.

Tire alignment should be performed at every tire change, as well as in case of repair or replacement of other elements related to the car’s suspension and steering system, such as ball joints and shock absorbers.

A correct tire alignment provides directional stability to the vehicle, avoids car breakdowns and extends the life of the tires. It also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. We recommend checking tire alignment at least once a year and every time new tires are purchased.

Why contract this service?

Alignment restores the original geometric conditions of the wheels by means of high-precision measurements and adjustments. Correct alignment provides directional stability to the vehicle, prevents car breakdowns and extends tire life. It also improves grip, road safety, performance and fuel economy, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

We recommend checking the alignment at least once a year and every time you buy new tires. It is also advisable to bring the vehicle to our workshops when:

  • Abnormal tire wear is noticed.
    The tire has recently received a strong impact, for example against a curb or a pothole.
  • The adherence to the road is decreasing. In our workshops we can check the alignment of your vehicle and adjust the geometry dimensions according to the manufacturer’s specifications

A good alignment provides greater safety on the road and extends the life of the tires. Balancing is necessary for front and rear tires every time they are changed. Trust in the professionals at Neumáticos Alhaurín.

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