Do you need a change or repair of car tires in Malaga?

Its important that they are not only economical, but also of quality. This is why Neumáticos Alhaurín offers you the best prices and the best brands of tires in Malaga. At Neumáticos Alhaurin you will find the best quality and the best price. We work with tires for cars, motorcycles, 4x4, vans, trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles.

How to choose the right car tire?

To choose good car tires in Malaga you should take into account several aspects that can help you choose the most suitable one. For example, you should look for the car manufacturer’s indications. In the manual of the car, you will find the measures of the tires that will serve you, as well as some recommendations of models.

Another thing you can consider is the safety they can offer you. Most car tires work very well in normal conditions. But on a wet road or on rough roads, choosing a good tire can make all the difference.

When to change the tires on my car?

To know if we need to change the tires, we must look at whether they present:

  • Worn tread
  • Deformities
  • Asymmetric wear
  • Pressure leaks

At Neumáticos Alhaurín we can check without compromise the condition of your tires in Malaga and advise you if they need repair or adjustments. We offer you the best integral service: alignment, mounting, balancing, etc.

What are the best tires for my car?

When choosing the best tires for your car it is very important to have the help of an expert. The measures chosen, in addition to maintaining within the permitted margins, the same load capacity, the same diameter and the same speed code, have to fit the measures of the rims of our vehicle, to avoid premature wear.

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