Car Mechanics

Most common operations, such as oil change, filters, review and maintenance of suspension, brakes and exhaust, among others. At Neumáticos Alhaurín we know that our customers have little time to check the condition of their vehicle and trust us for our speed and efficiency. That is why we offer the maximum professionalism and guarantee in the service of fast mechanics in Malaga.


We know that in order to avoid engine wear, it is very important to lubricate all its parts, thus avoiding future breakdowns and guaranteeing its proper functioning. We have synthetic, semi-synthetic and natural oils for your vehicle.


Filters keep all vehicle fluids clean and prevent the car's engine from serious breakdowns. For this reason, you should check them periodically. In Neumáticos Alhaurín we check the filters of your vehicle and replace them if necessary.


Replacement of the old battery with the new one (product not included), using memory saver in order not to lose the information of the on-board computer, readjustment of deconfigured elements and revision of the electrical charging system.


The braking system is vital for safe driving. To keep it in perfect condition, we check the brake discs, brake pads and brake fluid. And if necessary, we change the brakes quickly and efficiently.


The shock absorber ensures proper contact between the tires and the road. For this reason, in Neumáticos Alhaurín we carry out a periodic revision and replacement of the shock absorbers in case it is necessary.


Air conditioning is an indispensable element of comfort, especially in summer. We offer our customers an air conditioning duct deodorization service so that when it is started up, it works properly.


Pre-ITV service in Malaga, so you can pass your technical inspection without problems
An expert mechanic will perform a detailed review or repair of your car so you do not have problems to pass the ITV.